Passifire is a specialized company in Passive Fire Protection Solutions and Services providing extensive knowhow in compliance with highest local and international safety standards and a comprehensive range of products and solutions to ensure safety of lives and assets. 

Code Compliance

Are the fire protection systems in place are in compliance with Saudi Civil Defence requirement, Saudi Building Code, International Building Codes and NFPA. Go to our services page to learn more about code compliance services that we offer.

Smoke and Contamination Control Engineering

Passifire provides design, simulation, testing and commissioning of smoke control systems to ensure their performance in case of fire. Go to our services page to learn more about our smoke control system services.  

Testing Inspections and Risk Assessment

Inspection of Fire Stopping, Fire Rated Wall Assemblies, smoke control systems, staircase pressurization systems. Surveying building for risk assessment and mitigating fire hazards. Visit our services page to learn more.

Fire Stopping

Supply or Supply and install of Fire Stopping, fire rated joint sealants, fire barriers or cavity barriers for facade. Passifire can provide optimum solutions with full compliance. Learn more about what Passifire can offer in our services page.

Intumescent Paint

Supply & Application of intumescent paint is not just about spraying the paint. We correctly choose products in terms of: solvent or water  based? Do I need topcoat? Which primer? before or after erection? and more. Go to our services page to know more.


Cementitious Fireproofing

Supply & Application of cementitious fireproofing (spray applied fire resistive material – SFRM) while providing you with the correct choice of density (low, medium or high). The right base of material (gypsum based or protland cement based). Visit our service page.


Sustainability, and Low VOC

Passifire is commited on selection of low VOC products and thrive to provide with low environmental impact products. Passifire ensures to select the products based on application and best sustaniability, environmental and emissions impact.


Quality Control and Assurance

Passifire’s Unique treacability and tracking logs ensures that all the related activitis personnel and material batch numbers are logged to ensure strict quality control and assurance of works. Fire Stopping Tags and logs are provided to trace each and every penetration in your building.

Need Help in your Fire Protection Requirments?

Fire Rated Duct Enclosure – How 3M Fire Barrier Solutions can help in protecting your Grease Duct?

Why do Grease Ducts Require Fire Protection? Leading Causes of Structure Fires in Eating and Drinking Establishments by Major Cause: 2006-2010 (Top 5 Shown). Source: U.S. STRUCTURE FIRES IN EATING AND DRINKING ESTABLISHMENTS, Ben Evarts, National Fire Protection...

How do Fire Protection Systems Work Together Against Fire Hazards

Fire protection systems are designed in a comprehensive manner. Often a building occupant would assume that having extinguishers or an automatic sprinkler system is sufficient for protecting him or the building from fire hazards. A single fire protection system such...

Choosing the Right Intumescent Paint for your Project

Choosing the right intumescent paint for your project is not a simple criteria decision. The specifier / owner / architect should ensure that the choice would satisfy multiple factors with relation to the architectural finish, service environment, environmental safety...

How does Structural Steel Fail Due to Fire Exposure? How to Protect it?

Steel does not burn in case of fire. Structural steel melts at 1,500 deg C, often there is a misconception that structural steel would fail when it reaches its melting point. It is very rare that fires would be able to reach those temperatures especially in cellulosic...

Launch of Passifire eCommerce Platform

Passifire has launched it's official eCommerce platform with shipping across Saudi Arabia and throughout the Middle East for selected products. Direct Link to Passifire Online Shop

Approaches to Smoke Control Systems Design and Performance

A lot of controversy sheds during discussions around smoke control systems in the Middle East in general. The smoke control engineering approach  emerged in the 1980s, especially after the MGM hotel fire incident. The first publication was done by ASHRAE in 1983....

We’ve Been Protecting  For Over 10 years

Passifire has been servicing the Middle East for 10 years providing comprehensive solutions and services protecting lives and assets.

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