Envirograf cavity barriers

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CV Cavity Barrier Strip

Ref                   Width         Thickness           gap size protection
CV30/4           30mm            4mm                    30/45mm
CV30/6           30mm            6mm                    50/60mm
CV30/8           30mm            8mm                    60/70mm
CV30/10 v      30mm          10mm                   80/90mm
CV30/15 v      30mm          15mm               100/120mm
CV75/4           30mm            4mm                   30/50mm
CV75/10 v      75mm          10mm                 80/100mm

Available in 1 metre, 2 metre and 3 metre lenghts.

V – with Brackets

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CV Strip Cavity Barrier
A flexible, PVC and foil-clad intumescent strip with self-adhesive backing to adhere it to walls. High expansion intumescent locks against the external side of the internal wall in a fire. Provides full protection without affecting the outer wall.


CV Strip barrier tested to BS476 parts 20, 22 and BS EN 1363-1 (1999), giving fire protection from 60 to 120 minutes.

FB/TS Free-Air-Flow barrier tested to BS EN 1363-1 (1999), achieving up to 123 minutes fire protection.


– Both barrier ranges will provide a minimum of 2 hours protection
– CV strip barriers are ideal for modular buildings where space is limited, due to their small profile

– Easy to install with adhesive strip, but can be fixed down with screws or nails to provide additional fixing

Additional information

Type and Size

CV30/4 (45mm gap / 1m long), CV30/6 (60mm gap / 1m long), CV30/8 (70mm gap / 1m long), CV30/10v (90mm gap / 1m long), CV30/15v (120mm gap / 1m long)