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Passifire offers a range of consutancy and design services such as Code Compliance, Smoke & Contamination Control Engineering and Testing & Inspection.



Passifire is an approved experienced Fire Stopping, Compartmentation, Fireproofing ,Intumescent Paint and Cementitious spray contractor. Including Special Applications.



Passifire provides cost effective high quality range of Passive Fire Protection Materials from Through Penetration Fire Stopping to Joint Fire Stopping to Cladding Fire Barriers and Fire Rated Paints.


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Passifire is a specialized company that can provide all passive fire protection solutions and services to ensure safety of building and code compliance with local authorities and specialty client requirements when it comes to protection of equipment assets or locations within the building from fire and smoke. Passifire also provides value engineering services to ensure that the products are used as cost effective as possible to fit their need. From consultancy, design, installation and supply of specialist products and services.

 Consultancy Services

In depth knowhow in Fire Protection Engineering knowledge and compliance requirements with local and international codes allows Passifire to provide high end consultancy services detail as follows:


Code Compliance

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Passifire provides code compliance of your fire protection systems to ensure compliance with Saudi Building Code, International building code, NFPA and Saudi Civil Defence requirements. Passifire ensures that you put in place the right systems that will provide you compliance while ensuring cost effective solutions that provide you with the right level of protection. Often fire protection requirements such as fire resistance rating of structural steel, fire zones and compartments, smoke control systems and fire resistance rating of smoke control system ducting are over specified by designers and architects. Using the right product for the right exposure of weather or use and occupancy and the correct fire resistance ratings can provide savings of up to 60% of your fire protection cost. 

Smoke and Contamination Control Engineering

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Passifire provides the design of smoke and contamination control systems. Smoke control systems ensure that goals and objectives of the system of containing the smoke at a certain level above evacuees height or above valuable assets. Other systems ensure that smoke is contained in areas of fire origin away from means of egress and escape. These systems comply with local codes and NFPA and ASHRAE standards. Most often smoke control systems are design based upon Air Changes per Hour (ACH), which is incorrect. Designing systems by setting a ACH would either end up in a system that exceeds required differential pressures leading to difficulties in opening escape root doors. Or would lead to under specified differential pressure making it a system that is ineffective in case of fire. Passifire ensures that the design of the system, including all required supply and exhaust air, sequence of operation and integrations with BMS system. The most important part of any smoke or contamination control system is ensuring that it performs to contain smoke in case of fire. Passifire provides testing and commissioning services of Smoke Control Systems.

Testing Inspections and Risk Assessment

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Passifire provides testing and inspection services include Fire Risk Assessments and Hazard Assessments.

– Testing of Fire Rated Systems by conducting testing of fire rated walls, fire rated panels, cladding systems to ensure compliance with local and international standards.

– Inspection of Compartmentation by ensuring that fire rated walls are well constructed as per fire testing certificates, all penetrations and joints are sealed as per fire stopping systems and doors are certified well installed fire rated doors.

– Inspection, testing and commissioning of smoke control systems to ensure that fire alarms systems are well integrated and the BMS system operates as per design sequence of operation. Differential pressure between smoke control zones are performing as per NFPA 92 and ASHRAE Handbook of Smoke Control Engineering requirements. Passifire inspects all escape root doors to ensure that the pressurization does not lead to door opening forces exceeding requirements.  


Contracting Services

Passifire provides highly qualified Passive Fire Protection and Acoustic Insulation services. 

Fire Stopping

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Passifire is 3M’s Channel Partner in Saudi Arabia and an approved applicator of 3M’s fire stopping systems. Passifire has over 10 years of experience in installation of fire stopping. Passifire provides installation with high level of quality control and quality assurance by ensuring that each penetration is recorded with a serial number. Each seal is documented with the date of installation, the certificate number of the installer, the batch number of the material installed and the location on the site plan. Ensuring full traceability of all works.

Intumescent Paint

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Passifire is a certified experienced intumescent paint applicator with in depth experience in both on-site (after erection) and off-site (before erection) application of intumescent paint in large scale projects. Passifire ensure the use of the correct material to comply with the environment of steelwork and provide a cost effective fire resistance rating to the structural steel. Passifire is a certified applicator to a wide range of top manufacturers ensuring selecting the best most suitable coating to achieve project requirement. Passifire as part of consultancy services can provide the correct fire resistance rating as per local or international code. Passifire ensure achieving the fire resistance rating required by following international standards for failure temperatures, by a detailed section factors for either BS / EN or ASTM / UL standards. Passifire monitors the dry film thicknesses applied by a unique QA/QC system and application with highly qualified experienced applicators.

Cementitious Fireproofing

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Passifire is an experienced applicator of cementitious spray with in depth knowledge in the selection of the correct products. External, internal, cladded, environmental selection approach. Passifire ensures achieving the fire resistance rating by a detailed study of the project steel section sizes to apply the required dry film thicknesses.  Passifire monitors and records the applied thicknesses and densities as per ASTM E605, and ASTM D736 testing the cohesion and adhesion of the cementitious spay. Passifire provides both cellulosic and hydrocarbon fire cementitious spray with both textured and troweled finishes.

Material Supply

Passifire is a 3M Channel Partner for Industrial Tapes and Adhesives and the Fire Barrier range of products. Passifire is also the exclusive distributor of Envirograf Fire Protection products and Saudi Rockwool products.  

3M Fire Stopping

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Passifire is 3M’s Channel Partner in Saudi Arabia for Fire Barrier Range of Products. 3M has a comprehensive range of fire stopping products that are UL Listed, FM Approved. 3M’s Fire Barrier Range provides all required solutions to provide a cost effective fire stopping solution to your building or structure. From Fire Rated Sealants to Fire and Water Barrier Tapes, Spray, Mortars, Intumescent Wraps and Mortars. Visit our store for more information about the products we offer. Passifire within areas of reach can provide a free of charge training on site.

Cladding Cavity Fire Barriers

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Passifire is the distributor for Envirograf and Saudi Rockwool Cavity Barrier Solutions. Passifire supplies the products and can provide free of charge training on the installation of the products. 

Fire Retardant Spray for Paper Cloth and Synthetic Material

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Evirograf’s 3-2-1 special and standard coatings provide a cost effective transparent spray to provide flame retardant treatment to surfaces such as trees, decorations, cloth, tents, upholsteries, furniture, curtains and much more. Visit our online store for more information and buy from our online store. 

Fire Rated Paint for Wood

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Passifire provides a range of Fire Retardant or Fire Rated up to 60 mins coating for wood. The coatings are suitable for painted varnished or bare wood. Can be applied on internal or external wood as well as hardwearing surfaces such as floors or staircases. The intumescent paint for wood can come in clear or colored with different levels of finishes. visit our online  store for more information.

The Right Product

Ensure you are using the right solution. Using the wrong product will increase your installation times or drying time.

Use the Correct Solution

Using the wrong solution would either not provide you with the protection you need or will cost you more.

Free Consultations

Passifire is always available for free consultation. If you need to ensure that you are getting it right reach our and we are glad to help

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